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Here’s how we’ve helped some of our clients

Our services benefit a range of businesses – here are some of the ways that our award-winning call-taking team supports our clients.

Star Insurance

“It is imperative that services provided by third-party providers are to the same level that we expect of our own staff. To this, Paul and his team have consistently exceeded these levels”

– Nicholas Baker, Star insurance

Star insurance have multiple brand names under their Star insurance brand. They required roadside assistance programs which has been run via our sister company NZRA since 2012. This soon evolved into offering afterhours & overflow call centre message services.

Business needs:
Star insurance required a 24hr -365 days call centre for their customers to report, log and receive advice regarding accidents, or request a call back from the Star team without the need for extra staffing or overheads.

We were able to supply Star insurance with their own personalized phone line. Calls can be diverted or overflowed automatically to this line during afterhours or peak times. This has allowed Star insurance to have a 24 hour, 365 days a year service offering.

Provident Insurance

“Our afterhours calls go through to them so if something needs towing or assistance overnight, they will arrange that and follow up during business hours. In certain circumstances if we need an extra bit of assistance, they will step up to the plate and provide it. I’ve found them to be efficient, trustworthy, reliable, understanding and responsive. They respond to any issues we have and they take responsibility. They look after the problem on those rare occasions that something goes awry. They look for solutions all the time which is why they go above and beyond what a contract might stipulate.”

– John Hefford, Provident Insurance

Provident insurance has worked in the automotive industry since 2013 offering a mechanical breakdown cover and Motor vehicle insurance. Our sister company NZRA has been providing roadside assistance from the beginning. This has also evolved into an afterhours message-taking and accident assistance program.

Business needs:
Provident insurance needed to have staff available 24 hours, 365 day a year to assist customers with queries and to provide an afterhours accident assistance program.

During afterhours customers are diverted to the NZRA/NZCS call centre who can record messages for customers & also provide accident assistance and towing coordination and dispatch.

Covi Insurance

Covi insurance works with the New Zealand Motor Caravan Association that represents the interests of motor home and caravan owners in New Zealand. Our sister company NZRA has been providing roadside assistance for Covi for a number of years and this has evolved into also offering afterhours message taking, overflow call services and insurance claim and quote assistance.

Business needs:
Covi required assistance with message taking services during peak times and afterhours. Covi required 24/7 cover note quoting service available for customers who require immediate insurance risk cover on their Motor homes and Caravans.

Covi were given 3x dedicated phone lines so that customers can call in on the appropriate line for which form of assistance they required ie: Roadside Assistance, Claims assistance, Quoting & general enquiries. If the query is a general enquiry, our agents take a message and set a priority on the message which allows Covi to follow up on the most urgent queries first. This is allows Covi to have a 24 hour presence for customers, without additional staffing and overheads. If customers are requiring a cover note for immediate cover on a recently purchased vehicle, our agents use an agreed upon script provided by Covi insurance to put in place a cover note for customers. This creates a great experience for customers as they can get cover right away and has helped to free up phone lines for Covi insurance during peak times & follow up on the cover notes at their convenience.

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